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The holidays—aka the middle of dark and chilly winter—are always the time of year when your closet is practically begging for an update, and this shopping season second-hand is the new black. When buying something old and previously-loved, you’re extending its lifespan and reducing its carbon footprint. Influencers and Djursholm based UF-companies like Amillenio UF are following this trend, proving that there actually are a hundred new ways to style somebody else’s old favorites.

People used to have trouble shopping second-hand, being stuck with the belief that it was worn-out, odorous and not timely. But who taught us this? Major marketing within the fast fashion industry illustrates through 24/7 campaigns that we regularly need more items and that this consumption is normal because pieces are cheap. But it’s come to light that this is not sustainable for our wallets, our closets, or our environment. Globally 20% of textiles are recycled, meaning the other 80% are lost to landfill or incineration. Shopping second-hand gives clothing a new life no matter which fast fashion brands might have created the garment originally.

No matter what, Stockholm will always be a breeding ground for young fashionistas who strut their stuff with timely labels like Fjällräven, Cheap Monday and Acne Studios, but it’s also a place that appreciates history, especially of the sartorial kind. Hidden between Stockholm’s shiny and modern boutiques, there are several second-hand shops where that history is well preserved. When considering clothing gifts for loved ones this year, sometimes discovering the old can be just as exhilarating as buying into the new. Here are my favorite second-hand shops in our city:


Humana – Götgatan 105 | Timmermansgatan 23
Humana is a mixed bag of everything I love about second-hand clothing. You can find amazing label-less floral-print dresses, fluorescent pink snake leather pants, and glitter socks, as well as Chanel slacks and neon Prada bags. If you want a real second-hand store experience, this is definitely the spot to check out!


Pop – Åsögatan 140
A real hipster’s paradise. Pop is a crazy and chaotic collection of everything from vintage bow ties and roller skates to a wide range of leather jackets, plaid skirts, and French barrettes.


Beyond Retro – Brännkyrkagatan 82 | Drottninggatan 77
With another location in the UK, Beyond Retro is probably the most popular place to shop for second-hand in Stockholm. It’s a colorful collection, including bright orange ballerina tutus, purple mom jeans, and red converse. Nevertheless, they keep their selection super wide and offer something for everyone.


Remake – Klarabergsgatan 33
Not your everyday second-hand store. Remake is a fashion brand run by Stockholms Stadsmission, and everything is made locally from recycled materials, clothes and fabrics to create unique one-of-a-kind items.


Modern Retro – Wollmar Yxkullsgatan 9
Modern Retro doesn’t look like much from the outside, but it’s a huge shop full of classic clothing that probably never will go out of style. It’s a “modern goldmine” for those willing to spend a little bit of time digging through tons of pieces, but it’s definitely worth it. The clothing collection is from the ’20s to the ’80s and is filled with other nicknacks like furniture, vinyl records, musical instruments!


59 Vintage – Hantverkargatan 59
This tiny shop is located in Kungsholmen and is packed with vintage finds like Dior-logo accessories, faux fur hats, Gucci shoulder bags and jackets from the ’70s. They also have plenty of non-brand vintage, whether it’s a sheer ruffled blouse or a ’50s printed cocktail dress.

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