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The capacity of understanding emotional information is an essential skill. The term emotional intelligence has been frequently used in later years, as it allows for the opportunity to guide our thoughts and behaviour in the right direction. Emotional intelligence, or EQ, also includes the expression of emotions. Expressing one’s emotions can be done through a variety of ways. Common ways are speaking, writing and body signaling. Even though research points towards the mental health detriments of suppressing one’s emotions, people all around the world feel uncomfortable in doing so. 

In fact, researchers are confirming that expressing all types of emotions could result in great health benefits. Studies have associated the restraint of negative emotions to have negative psychological consequences, but writing about feelings could be linked with better health outcomes for breast-cancer patients, people who have asthma, and with people who’ve been through trauma. Beyond the feeling of vulnerability people fear of experiencing when expressing emotions such as sadness or grief. It is widely believed that emotional reactions, especially those of anger, jealousy and anxiety are to be replaced in order to avoid irrational thinking.   

Throughout life, we face different challenges that evidently make us feel angry and frustrated. It is essential that we recognize these feelings as natural. Anger and frustration will appear every now and then. In order for societal standards to be advantageous for mental health, we must encourage others to feel comfortable in expressing their natural feelings. Therefore getting out of one’s comfort zone is beneficial, as doing something that may feel uncomfortable now will in turn expand one’s frontiers.

One relevant factor in order to live a successful life is through emotional intelligence. With time and persistence, it is possible to learn how to control and use emotions to serve one’s mind and act towards others. Recognising feelings as natural and feeling comfortable in expressing them is fundamental in living a healthy life. 

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