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Time flows by
While I remain still
One day
Death will freeze time
While I remain still



En död fågel faller
Träffar mig rakt i hjärtat
För att döda även mig
Jag faller



Abundance, dance, dance

My head keeps spinning. I am lost now. I do not know where I am going. I am going to lose it, everything.

Keep spinning, keep spinning, keep spinning, inside my head someone is telling me to keep spinning.

My head keeps spinning, and so does the world with it.

I take another shot of tequila and it leaves a burning stain in my throat. I can feel the tequila as it moves down to my stomach, not leaving a thing alone. As it becomes a part of me I become just like it. I cannot leave a thing alone. I keep spinning, dancing, stumbling, tumbling, falling, crashing.

A Headache. All that is left of the night before is a headache. Just like it was all that was left of the night before that (and the night before that). And all the nights before that.

My head keeps spinning. I am lost now.



Robed in darkness
A man walks the streets alone
Follows an intangible stream
He floats along the streets
Passes by the flirting neon signs
Resists the gravity of open doors
Illuminated square eyes follow his path
Cars rush past him leaving blurs of colours behind
Cigarettes draw playful lines in the air
A veiled moon hangs in the sky


Your cheeks turned slightly red
Red as peaches
In the shimmering light
In the dead of night
I felt alive



Henry Song