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As students, our time at Viktor Rydberg Djursholm is limited; after three years we will all be scattered around the world pursuing our dreams. Although this may sound intimidating, we’re fortunate enough to be surrounded by adults who have lived through these experiences themselves—particularly our rector, Pernilla Hemmingsson.  Pernilla grew up on a farm in Småland, surrounded by animals and nature. She always enjoyed children and helping others and eventually moved to Stockholm to pursue a career in teaching.

It has been a little over a month since Pernilla officially became rector of VRGD and while she is still warming up to her new position, she is also adjusting exceptionally well. That’s not so unusual, considering Pernilla has been a part of the Viktor Rydberg Foundation for over twenty years. One of her first jobs was as a gym teacher at VRGD.  Through her hard work and dedication, she advanced to the role of vice rector here, later becoming rector of Viktor Rydbergs Samskola. Pernilla has also been rector of Viktor Rydberg Jarlaplan.

Although Pernilla was the rector of Viktor Rydberg Jarlaplan for over ten years, she is still very passionate about Viktor Rydberg Djursholm. She’s especially impressed by “the enthusiasm from the school and students”, describing VRGD as having a “cheerful, interested, and welcoming community”. Pernilla was also very vocal about the quality of student engagement. Students who are engaged in their studies are “always seeking to take advantage of the countless opportunities provided by this school’s students and staff”. She appreciates the idea of “students leading the school” and promises to continue supporting these “very driven and extremely motivated” individuals.

Although VRGD students are ambitious and exhibit a strong work ethic, Pernilla expressed that this can come with problems of its own. “VRGD students often experience high levels of stress to excel at everything they do,” she says.  One of her goals is to “help students build resilience in times of stress”. Even during her opening presentation on the first day of school, she discussed how a balanced lifestyle—with a good diet sleep, exercise and social activities—is the key to a healthy brain and body.

In addition, Pernilla advises that making the most of your time at VRGD is essential. “Be open to trying new things and making new friends. Make the most of every opportunity,” she says.

She considers working in the educational field a great and fulfilling challenge. Since Pernilla is a patient, goal-oriented person, she believes that she’ll be able to guide students with the utmost care and concern in achieving their educational goals. Besides education, Pernilla enjoys playing and watching all kinds of sports, including skiing, golfing, sailing, hiking and floorball. During her free time, she values being out in nature and spending time with her family.

Pernilla brings extensive experience and knowledge to our school. As someone who tends to think a lot about the future, my interview with Pernilla inspired me to live in the present and enjoy my time at Viktor Rydberg Djursholm to the fullest. We are extremely fortunate to have Pernilla join our school community, and I would like to wish her a successful year—with many more to come!

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