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Merry Christmas VRGD students and staff members!

As 2018 draws to a close, allow me to reflect on the spectacular year it has been for Rydbergaren. The paper has recruited over 30 new writers and exceeded all other years when it comes to the number of reads per article. I am incredibly proud of Rydbergaren’s results which was made possible by the diligent work of its writers and the unwavering commitment from Chairperson Hedda Hövel; Economy Manager Alexander Silwer; Marketing Manager Anastasia Seddigh; Accountant Christopher Carlsson; Design and Layout Manager Hedda Cederlund; Webmaster Douglas Bengtsson; and Secretary Nathalie Grönqvist.

While it has been an excellent year for Rydbergaren, what has it looked like for VRGD? Did first-year students embarrass themselves during the aulasamlingar? Did second-year students disappear due to lack of attention? Did third-year students dare to sneak that cigarette in Grim?

Although these pressing questions deserve an answer, I think it’s more important to focus on the many impressive achievements 2018 has brought to VRGD. Our Djursholm-based UF Företag have won multiple UF competitions; VRGD won VRG-Kampen; VRG Olympic was relaunched at the school; twice as many aulasamlinagar have occurred this year; and VRGD got the chance to participate in Backa Turnén. The New Year will soon begin, with new hopes and a determination to continue the success of VRGD as one of the best schools in Sweden.

I would like to wish the teachers, the school management, elevhälsan, the parents’ association, and Klein’s Kitchen a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. It is through your support that Rydbergaren is able to contribute to a world where students can make their voices heard. Thank you!

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