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It’s time to face the cold, hard truth: the back-to-school season is here. No more sleeping in until noon, no more beach days, and no more spending weeks not checking Schoolity or Canvas. 
After almost two hot months of summer, a few things are different at VRG Djursholm: new teachers, new classmates, and most importantly (drumroll)…a new school newspaper administration for Rydbergaren 18/19!
Editor in Chief: Yasmine Dahlberg
President: Hedda Hövel
Economy: Alexander Silwer
Marketing: Anastasia Seddigh
Accountant: Christopher Carlsson
Image and Layout: Hedda Cederlund
Webmaster: Douglas Bengtsson
Secretary: Nathalie Grönqvist
My name is Yasmine, and as your editor-in- chief for the second year in a row, I’d like to welcome everybody to the latest edition of our high school lives. Writing for Rydbergaren is the ideal place to inform, to inspire, to push for change, or even to entertain. It’s a way to impact VRGD and to connect with our student body. I hope many new and current students will want to contribute to the paper by writing articles or taking pictures. Rydbergaren represents us all and we on the administration want it to reflect the whole student body.
While starting VRGD again—or even for the first time—is undoubtedly exciting, there’s also no question that it can be stressful. How will it go for the first-year students on stage during the aulasamlingar? Will the second-year students simply disappear due to the lack of attention from not being the youngest and not being the oldest? Will third-year students dare to sneak a cigarette at Grim to burn off steam even though Principal Pernilla might be walking past?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
This is a lot of food for thought, and while entering my final year is thrilling, this milestone also marks the start of my high school crisis: Has my VRG Djursholm experience been everything I hoped for? And what happens after high school? I can get into a bit of frenzy when I remember that I’m 17 years old and, in less than a year, this place will no longer be mine.
My advice to everyone is to make the most out of VRGD and to not stress about it too much. Mental breakdowns are 100% normal, parties are more fun on Snapchat than in reality, and most importantly, stop trying to fit in, just be yourself.  Take advantage of all the excellent academic and extracurricular activities.  Get out of your comfort zones and broaden your circle of friends. Although I’ve had my personal ups and downs here, VRGD has shaped me into someone who has the potential to flourish in the upcoming years.  High school can be the best of times—and the worst of times—but it only happens once. We’ll regret it later if we don’t seize this experience and make it our own.  Best wishes to all for the new school year!

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