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The all new Cross Country team established this year 2013 at VRG has been training every week after school since August. As the days grow shorter and our nights grow longer it has been a lot colder for us to go out and run. But without hesitation our great group has put on the extra layers and got a nice workout in. Many feel that it is hard to go out and start running. Before a practice you might feel tired and uninspired to get out but without a doubt after you warm up, you won’t feel tired you’ll feel ready to go. The Cross Country team started the season with shorter runs and have built on more kilometers each practice. We make the training more enjoyable by blasting music from our iphone speakers, always taking a new route, and never the same workouts. We change it up from running intervals, to running in the neighborhood, the local trails, sprints as well as the Nike training app and running with your friends it really doesn’t get any better than that. Exercise only gives beneficial effects. Just make sure you stretch properly after. During the colder winter months it is more comfortable to run on a treadmill at home or at the gym, but if you don’t have access to equipment strength training can be easily done at home. Working with your own body for strength training can be fun and very time effective no need to take the bus to the gym. Just put on your favorite playlist and follow an exercise from the Nike training app which is great or do what you know. Just be careful to not over do it so no injuries occur. It is also great to have a goal in mind. Something not to easy or complex so you keep your motivation. When I first presented the Cross Country team I brought up the idea of running the Stockholm Marathon which is a long-term goal. A more realistic goal for our team is to start by going out and running some of the shorter races the city offers in the Spring of 2014. As a team we have brain stormed many ideas which has helped us see a picture while training and to attain it. We train together weekly as steps to get to our goal, because it is not going to happen in leaps and bounds or overnight. We have been putting the work in and we are looking forward to seeing results this coming year.

Exercise gives you endorphins, and endorphins make you happy and smarter  -so join us in 2014!



Gabriella Garcia

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